If something's worth doing, it's worth doing stupidly

The best kind of Swiss Army knife. No chainsaw attachment though

The conference of excessive technology

OverEngineered is a conference about building things that are completely unnecessary, but amusing. Come and see how our speakers waste their time doing things the hard way.

We don't know when or where (or if) the conference will happen yet, but if you want to stay in the loop, sign up here.

The Professor's Invention for Peeling Potatoes by W Heath Robinson. Our guiding light and inspiration

Give a talk

We're after talks about stupidly overengineered projects that serve no particular purpose. Things that Heath Robinson would be proud of.

For instance, if you've put an REST API on your shed (you know who you are). Or you have built a car entirely out of spoons. Could be code, could be hardware, could be entirely non-computer-related. The main thing is, you did something in an excessively complicated way for fun. Come and tell us how, and why.

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This is the tweet that started it all - misreading First Ever Engineering Festival as First Overengineering Festival

Why? Why not?

It all started with @pezholio misreading a tweet.

And then it spiralled a bit out of control... as overengineered things tend to do.